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The Grey Whales pass by the Central Coast twice a year as they head to Baja in December/January and return in late March and April. Blue Whales and Humpback Whales are also seen off our coast too!

Whale Watching with Virg`s Landing

Whether you have traveled a long distance or if you are a local, Virg`s Landing offers seafarring voyages full of richness and wonder that will affect all of your senses. Our mission is to build on a tradition of exploration and wonder, to provide outstanding nature excursions and learning opportunities for you and your family. Virg`s Landing Whale Watching and Nature Excursions begin January and run through April each year.
Location: Morro Bay
Phone: 805-772-1222

Morro Bay Landing

Whales are observed year round. We begin our whale watching in January and offer Whale Watching trips through May. Southbound migratory period typically is December through mid-February. Northbound migration late February through April. Humpbacks are from late March through April into May. Blue Whales from April into summer. Orcas are seen any time.
Phone: (805) 771-5500

Sub-Sea Tours

Sub Sea Tours offers both whale watching tours and glass-enclosed sub-sea boats to view the underwater world.
Location: Morro Bay
Phone: 805-772-9463