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Check-in times vary for our properties so please adhere to the check-in and check-out times stated on the “Key Code” email you will receive 14 days in advance of your arrival. The check-in and check-out times are also shown on the property page for your rental on this website. 
Please do not attempt to enter the property earlier than the stated check-in time unless it has been approved by Beach-N-Bay Getaways. It is important that you give our housekeepers the time needed to provide you with clean accommodations.
UNAPPROVED LATE CHECK-OUTS OF LESS THAN ONE DAY WILL BE CHARGED THE EQUIVALENT OF ONE FULL DAY’S RENT. In the event of an unapproved holdover by a guest beyond the departure date stated in your reservation, the guest will be charged an amount equal to three (3) times the daily rate for each and every day of such holdover. 
When checking into a property, please notify Beach-N-Bay Getaways of any maintenance items that need to be addressed for your stay and we will attempt to correct these as soon as possible. If you note any damage at the property, please call Beach-N-Bay Getaways right away. Also, please document it on the Insurance form provided at the property.

Before you depart, we ask that you complete the CHECKOUT LIST that is in the home.  Here is the list: 
  1. Please load and start the dishwasher and clean all residual dishes in the sink before you leave.  It is important that you do this due to the long dishwashing and drying cycle.  If you have time, we would appreciate it if empty the dishwasher as well. This is a big help to our housekeepers!
  2. Please empty all the trash and recycle in to the appropriate garbage cans OUTSIDE.  All trash must fit in the cans. If there is excess, please put in garbage bags and leave in the garage. 
  3. Please make sure that the fireplace is turned off, the oven and stove burners are off and the barbeque grill is shut off. Please put BBQ tools back where you found them. 
  4. Check that all electronics are turned off (TVs, DVDs). 
  5. Turn off all lights.
  6. Put all games away and make sure all furniture is in the same position it was when you arrived. 
  7. Remove the sheets from any beds that were used or at least leave it unmade.  If extra pillows were used, remove pillow cases and place on bed. 
  8. Please remove all food items from the refrigerator and cabinets that you brought.  If you have purchased oils or spices that you would like to leave, please do so. 
  9. Check all closets, drawers and washer/dryer to ensure that you have not left anything here.  Check all electrical outlets for electronic chargers. 
  10. Please fill out Guest Feedback Form that you will find in the home and note any problems that you experienced and any additional feedback you would like to provide to us.
  11. Please close all windows and doors.  Close the garage door and remember to leave the garage door opener in the house if one was provided.  
  12. Ensure that the front door is locked when you leave and put the keys back in the lockbox if there is one at the home.