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Common Questions about Renting our Vacation Homes
Q: Can I book my own reservation on this website without contacting you?
Yes you can. However, we reserve the right to reject the reservation within the first 48 hours if there is cause to do so. Simply select the Vacation Rentals tab on the home page and then select the property you would like to reserve. A page will be displayed with pictures, description, rates and availability calendar. Next, select the “Instant Quote” button. Enter the dates you would like to stay and select the “Instant Quote” button again on that page. The total price for the rental will be displayed and if you choose to proceed with the reservation, please read and accept the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page. After you do this, the next page will ask for your personal information and your credit card data. After you have completed the reservation, you will receive two emails – one verifying that the payment was successful and another that is your reservation confirmation. NOTE: In some cases a Beach-N-Bay reservationist will have to book it for you if special discounts or other conditions prevent it from being made online.
Q: If I use the Beach-N-Bay Website reservation system to book my vacation, is the transaction secure?
Yes. The website uses Digicert to ensure secure transactions.
Q: What are your payment requirements?
$549 is charged to your credit card at the time the reservation is made if you are booking more than 60 days in advance. This includes a $500 reservation deposit and the $49 booking fee. The booking fee is non-refundable and the $500 deposit is refundable minus a $50 processing fee if the reservation is cancelled more than 60 days before the arrival date of your reservation. If you are booking the reservation within 60 days of your arrival date, the full payment will be charged to your credit card and is non-refundable.
Q: Will I need to pay a damage security deposit?
We offer a damage waiver policy providing protection against accidental damage expense. This waiver provides up to $1,900.00 in coverage for any accidental damage that might occur to the property during your stay. If you do not choose to purchase the damage waiver, a cash security deposit will be required. As stated in our Terms and Conditions, you are responsible for the total cost of repairs for any damage done to the property during your stay. We also hold your credit card information and reserve the right to charge the credit card for any damage repair amount exceeding the damage waiver or cash security deposit. We also reserve the right to charge your credit card for any excessive cleaning required. 
Q: How do I get the key to the home I have rented when I arrive?
Each of our homes has a lockbox or electronic keyless entry at the property.  14 days from arrival we will send you an email with the E-Lock/lockbox code and information on where the lockbox is located and instruction on its use.
Q: What supplies are provided in your rental homes?
We supply a starting supply of the following: toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, dishwasher soap, bath soap, hand soap, facial tissues, laundry soap and dish scrubbers. We provide a generous amount of all of these but if you should run out of any supplies during your stay, you are responsible for replacing these.

We also try to keep the house stocked with plastic baggies, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, basic cleaning supplies, carpet cleaner, spices and basic cooking supplies, etc. We do not guarantee that these will be in stock and if you should use the last of any of these supplies, we would appreciate it if you would replenish the item.
Q: Are bed linens and towels provided?
Yes, one set of sheets and appropriate blankets and/or comforters are provided for each bed. Adequate towels, hand towels, washcloths and dishtowels are provided in each house. All of our homes also have washers and dryers for you use. NOTE: Please bring your own beach towels!
Q: What cleaning am I expected to do when I check out? 
We provide a Checkout List at the home.  We ask you to wash all your dishes, take out the trash and recycle to outside containers, leave beds unmade that were used, remove all food from refrigerator and cabinets that you brought, check all drawers, outlets, and closets to make sure you have everything and secure the home.  Here is a link to our checkout list.
Q: What is your cancellation policy?
If a reservation is cancelled more than 60 days in advance of your arrival date, your reservation deposit, minus a $50 processing fee and the $49 booking fee, is returned. If the reservation is cancelled 60 days or less from the arrival date, only the cleaning fee and the damage insurance premium (if purchased) is refundable. If we are able to rebook all or part of the time you reserved, you will receive a prorated amount of your rent payment back based on the replacement rent collected.
Q: How can I find out about activities and attractions in the area?
Our website provides a Local Area Guide and each home also has a binder containing information on local attractions, activities, restaurants and area information.
Q: Are bikes provided at any of your properties?
Typically they are not. If they are offered with a home, that will be stated in the description of the home.
Q: Do your accept pets in your rentals?
Some of our homes do accept a dog. If that is the case, it will be stated in the description of the home or in the amenities listed. Beach-N-Bay Getaways must be notified at time of reservation if you are planning on bringing a pet and we must authorize the dog. The pet policy must be strictly adhered to by the pet owner.
Q: What is your pet policy?
The following rules apply:
  • Any approved dog will be named in the notes section of the contract along with the dog's weight and age.

  • Each dog will need to have current flea treatment (such as Frontline) to avoid bringing fleas into the house. If fleas are discovered after departure, guests will be responsible for the cost of having the house fumigated. (Not covered by insurance)

  • All dog waste on and off the rental property must be picked up and disposed of in the trash cans.

  • The dog or dogs shall not be left outside without any of the guests being home, and shall not be permitted to bark uncontrolled at dogs in the neighborhood or passing by. Dogs in the surrounding homes are well-behaved and quiet so please ensure that your pet does not instigate barking by other dogs in the vicinity.

  • When the dogs are left inside the home without the owners being present, this shall be for occasional short durations of time. During these periods the dogs shall be enclosed in their respective kennel or crate. This will avoid possible damage to the home. If dogs need to be left for a full day, an off-site dog-sitting service shall be utilized, or one of the guests shall stay at the house with the dog or dogs.

  • The guest agrees to be responsible for any damage done to the house by the dogs, and will wash any interior windows with dog nose or paw prints from your dog. (Regular housecleaning does not include windows). The damage waiver does not cover damage to the home or condo caused by your pet. 

  • No other animals are allowed on the premises other than the animals named in the contact. 
Q: Do you offer monthly rentals for your vacation homes?
We do offer longer stays for some of our homes. Each request is handled on a case-by-case basis and depends on what the homeowner wants and what the rental opportunity is for the specific home.